Club Cycle™ welcomes students of all skill levels and those who have no prior experience.

Best of Pittsburgh Magazine 2014 Winner, Club Cycle™ is the brainchild of Stacie Adams—the cycle part—and DJ Bill Bara—the club part. Cycle in beat to a live DJ while your bike is wirelessly networked into our system that displays both individual and team performance on TV's around the studio! This very effective training tool allows students to track their performance and gauge their effort for the most effective workout. After class, your performance results are emailed to you and then archived to track your progression through your online profile!


As the only Spinning Studio in Pittsburgh who offers Heart Rate Training, this training is both a very safe and effective way to train your cardiovascular fitness. By knowing your max heart rate and then working within percentages of this max, you can monitor your effort and learn how to become a very fit, well trained athlete. All levels of exercisers will benefit from this knowledge.

Club Cycle, LLC - 300 Mt. Lebanon Blvd. - Pittsburgh, PA - 15234