A Fitness Nightclub with LIVE DJs
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Early Bird Spin, Express Spin, Power Cycle, Beginner Cycle, & More!

Spin to The Beat of a LIVE DJ in a Nightclub with an AMAZING INTELLIGENT LIGHT SHOW and screens that display music videos and your performance data! No matter who you are, we all need to make fitness a priority in our lives. As adults, fitness becomes a chore. Let us make it fun again! Fitness is one of the essentials to living a balanced lifestyle. Schedule Club Cycle into your life and start feeling better today!

Club Cycle was recognized as a "Best of The 'Burg" business winner in Pittsburgh Magazine for "Best Workout Fueled By Distraction!" At Club Cycle, DJs mix music videos on giant TVs while you track your ride on our live performance leaderboard. By taking your mind off of the workout, you'll be able to go longer and have fun while doing it!

(All Members Eligible For Each Option 1 Time)

Club Cycle, LLC - 300 Mt. Lebanon Blvd. - Pittsburgh, PA - 15234